Activist Lyton Mangochi trashes HRDC, PAC

By Vincent Gunde

A Karonga-based human rights activist Lyton Mangochi, has trashed the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) and Public Affairs Committee (PAC) saying the two organizations are now working for Malawi Congress Party (MCP)-led government and not for the suffering Malawians.

Mangochi observes that PAC and HRDC have chosen to remain quiet a clear indication that they are siding with the MCP-led government and claim to stand with the suffering Malawians through press releases against the government.


The activist says HRDC and PAC officials are crooks who are eating money with President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and at the same time fooling Malawians as if they stand with them, sharing with them the pain, anger and suffering resulting from devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various media platforms, Mangochi is recalling that HRDC and PAC were busy accusing former President of the Republic and DPP leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his DPP of thieving in government but when President Chakwera came to power in June,2020, they are all quiet and doing nothing.

According to the activist, the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha by 44 percent has increased pain, anger and suffering of Malawians, prices of goods have sky-rocketed beyond the reach of the poor leaving Malawians with no hope that they have a President to look after their welfare.

He says people are dying with health facilities running dry without medical drugs, no maize, no fertilizer, no forex while President Chakwera is busy attending to international conferences and seminars which have no impact to the suffering Malawians.

The activist has however, asked President Chakwera that what has he brought to the country from his 48 international trips with his bloated entourages only draining the much- needed forex which could have gone along way towards procuring medical drugs in hospitals.

“HRDC, PAC, you were busy against Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, today, your President is in government, all of you are quiet, you don’t speak for Malawians while things are going wrong,” says Mangochi.

He has also urged all Malawians that are feeling pain and anger over this MCP led-government to stand up on the 21st November, 2023, to exercising their constitutional rights by holding street protests against the devaluation of the Kwacha and demanding elections to be held on 21st May, 2024 not September, 2025.

Mangochi has further sounded a strong warning to the authorities in Malawi that Malawians will not allow jungle laws to hold elections in September, 2025 while their Republican Constitution is very clear that elections be held every after 5 years and this will be on 21st May, 2024.