Former presidential bodyguard Norman Chisale arrested over his interview on Zodiak Television

By Chisomo Phiri

Norman Chisale, the personal bodyguard to former Malawi leader President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has been arrested in relation to an Exclusive interview that he gave to Zodiak Television.

At the moment, Chisale is being kept at Lingadzi Police Station in Lilongwe where police intend to record a statement.

In a candid exclusive interview with Leah Malekano of Zodiak Television on November 6,2023, Chisale did not hold back in expressing his perspective on several pressing issues.


Chisale voiced deep distress during the interview, vehemently claiming that he is a victim of government persecution and political harassmen

Chisale made startling accusations during the interview, alleging that the Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo lied about receiving a letter concerning his frozen accounts and pointing fingers at former DPP Steven Kayuni, whom he accused of orchestrating cases against him.

He demanded an end to what he referred to as “alleged apologies” from Kayuni and that he will never forgive Kayuni.

Surprisingly, Chisale defended the integrity of Malawian judges, asserting that they are not corrupt and placing blame on the state for manipulating the narrative of his case.

Chisale claimed that the government is systematically persecuting individuals from Ntcheu, including prominent figures like Vice President Saulos Chilima and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

He denied any intentions of contesting a parliamentary seat in Ntcheu Central, emphasizing that it is the people’s desire for him to run.

During the interview, Chisale attributed his wealth by boasting of being the first Malawian soldier to own a cell phone.

He passionately defended his innocence during the interview, solemnly swearing by the Bible and demanding a fair resolution to his case.

In a stern warning, Chisale implied that those responsible for his multiple arrests from the police would face consequences, leaving no doubt about his anger.

He also provided insights into his role as a presidential bodyguard, revealing his involvement in discussions with companies to prevent price increases on goods.

Chisale, 42, said he prefers President Peter Mutharika to run for presidency in 2025.