Admarc to subsidize Maize price in the wake of Covid19 Pandemic

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has told the nation that he met the ministers of Agriculture and Finance with the aim of engaging ADMARC to make sure the maize price goes on subsidy this season at all Depots of the facility.

President Chakwera made the remarks during the National Address he had from Kamuzu Palace on Sunday evening January 24, 2021 on the war against Covid-19. President Chakwera said although the decision may come with losses on the side of the government but it will ensure that  Malawians buy the staple grain at an affordable price despite losing some of their income-generating activities due to pandemic and the state of National Disaster.  He added that the subsidized grain price will protect the poor and affected citizens from predators who are bent on exploiting the pandemic for profits.

President Chakwera delivering National Address on Covid19

President Chakwera in his speech thanked all the companies who are responding to their corporate social responsibility in answering to his call for donations. Here president Chakwera commended all those who are sacrificing to fight the pandemic singling out Society of Medical Doctors, Covid Response by Private Citizens, Malawi Health Care Support in UK, for raising K100 million, K50 million and donation of 1,000 beds respectively not forgetting the initiative which is providing Frontline health workers with food everyday, saying these are examples of Malawians doing sacrificial things for their own country. President Chakwera has since urged all Malawians to take part in such activities.

Further president Chakwera’s speech warns all clusters under his Task Force to be submitting to his office and releasing weekly report to public of their expenditures, failing which president Chakwera will deal with such clusters or any cluster engaged in wasteful conduct.

On the issue of closed boarding schools which have sent their students home, president Chakwera said the parents and guardians have to keep them in isolation for the next two weeks and get them tested before returning to school when the president gives such a directive.

During the address president Chakwera was joined by Dr. Mwansambo from the health ministry and Dr. Phuka from the PTF on Covid-19 who gave updates on the pandemic.