Air Cargo Malawi embraces inclusivity to enhance mining industry growth

By Linda Kwanjana

Air Cargo Malawi, Ministry of Mining and all stakeholders in the industry  on Friday came together for a mining indaba in Lilongwe.

The indaba was organized as one way of enhancing mining sector growth after reviewing its challenges and on how to find solution to address them.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Mining , Dr Joseph Mkandawire, has urged Malawians to take full control of the mining sector.

Dr Joseph Mkandawire PS Mining

He bemoned tendency of leaving the industry in the hands of foreigners.

“As government , we want you take full control of the industry because it is common to see people crying when foreigners are dominating the business,” he said.

Addressing the forum which was meant to discuss the critical aspect of national strategic economic component on mineral exportation, Dr Mkandawire thanked Air Cargo Malawi  for showing interest in the mining sector.

He said he was happy that more stakeholders are coming in to partner with the ministry driving the national  development agenda, Malawi 2063 which is being anchored on  Agriculture, Tourism and Mining.

Mkandawire rebuked some people who have tendency of externalizing the mineral resources.

He said Malawi, like many African countries, is blessed with abundant mineral resources such as coal, uranium, rare earth minerals, phosphates, bauxite, kaolinitic, kayanite, limestone, gemstones, titanium, vermiculite just to mention a few.  

He said these minerals provide immense potential job and wealth creation and socio economic growth of our country.

On promotion of best mining practices, Mkandawire said it  is our responsibility to enforce good mining practices to promote sustainable mining.

As stakeholders in the mining industry, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the extraction and exportation of minerals benefit not only a few, but the entire nation.

“We must strive to maximize the value of our mineral resources while ensuring that the environment is protected and the local communities are not exploited.
Transparency and accountability are paramount in mineral exportation. We must work together to combat illegal mining activities, smuggling, and corruption. By promoting good governance practices, we can build trust with our international partners and attract responsible investors who are committed to ethical practices, ” he said.

In her remarks , Aircargo Malawi Limited Thokozani Unyolo Chief executive officer commended stakeholders for coming together for the indaba.

She said the meeting was so important because it will help foster collaboration, share insights, and discuss the pivotal role each of yhe attendees play in shaping the future of the mining industry.

“Your expertise and commitment are crucial as we navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable and responsible mining practices, ” she said.

As a matter of background, Air Cargo Malawi Limited is in the logistics business. Every Friday there is an Emirates Freighter [ Cargo Plane]  that comes to Malawi to haul exports among which are rare precious stones.

Air Cargo is in a strategic partnership with Emirates and facilitates cargo movement between Malawi and different destinations like USA, UK, Australia, UK, Hongkong and Germany.

Air Cargo CEO Thokozani Unyolo