The selling of rotten admarc Maize was disappointing

By Burnett Munthali


The Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) has said it will distribute 21,000 metric tonnes of maize in its custody to all its depots from next week. This came as a surprise as, in the 2022-23 rain-fed agriculture season, the grain trader did not buy maize from farmers in the country.

Admarc Chief Executive Officer Dan Makata told The Daily Times that preparations to start distributing the maize have been finalised. Makata said the maize would be sold at K600 per kilogramme. Makata confirmed that Admarc had maize in stock and that they were ready to open their markets the following week. People were advised to expect to buy maize from admarc at an affordable price as always. Admarc was drawing the SGR [Strategic Grain Reserves] maize which had been bought by the National Food Reserves Agency in 2023.


The dangers of eating rotten food include: Meningitis. Kidney damage. Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which can cause kidney failure. Arthritis. Brain and nerve damage.

Some people with the infection die and death can occur in as little as a few hours. However, most people recover from bacterial meningitis. Those who do recover can have permanent disabilities, such as brain damage, hearing loss, and learning disabilities.15

What happens when your kidney function is low? A severe decrease in kidney function can lead to a buildup of toxins and impurities in the blood. This can cause people to feel tired, weak and can make it hard to concentrate. Another complication of kidney disease is anemia, which can cause weakness and fatigue.

Maize Silos in Lilongwe

Symptoms of HUS include vomiting, bloody diarrhea (loose stool/poop), stomach pain, fever, chills, and headache. As infection progresses, persons may experience fatigue, weakness, fainting, bruising, and paleness. Hemolysis can lead to hemoglobinemia due to hemoglobin released into the blood plasma, which plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of sepsis and can lead to increased risk of infection due to its inhibitory effects on the innate immune system.

Without dialysis or a kidney transplant, kidney failure is fatal. You may survive a few days or weeks without treatment. If you’re on dialysis, the average life expectancy is five to 10 years. Some people can live up to 30 years on dialysis.

What are the first warning signs of kidney failure? Depending on how severe it is, loss of kidney function can cause: Nausea. Vomiting. Loss of appetite. Fatigue and weakness. Sleep problems. Urinating more or less. Decreased mental sharpness. Muscle cramps.

However, in rheumatoid arthritis the inflammation and extra fluid in a joint can cause the following problems: It can make moving the joint difficult and painful. Chemicals in the fluid can damage the bone and joint. The extra fluid can stretch the joint capsule.

The most common arthritis symptoms and signs include: Joint pain. Stiffness or reduced range of motion (how far you can move a joint). Swelling (inflammation). Skin discoloration. Tenderness or sensitivity to touch around a joint. A feeling of heat or warmth near your joints.

Brain and nerve damage: A Listeria infection can lead to meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain. If a newborn infant is infected with Listeria, long-term consequences may include mental retardation, seizures, paralysis, blindness or deafness.

Adults should see a health care provider or get emergency care if the following occur: Nervous system symptoms, such as blurry vision, muscle weakness and tingling of skin. Changes in thinking or behavior. Fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 degrees Celsius).

How long does it take for rotten food to make you sick?

Illness often starts in about 1 to 3 days. But symptoms can start any time from 30 minutes to 3 weeks after eating contaminated food. The length of time depends on the type of bacteria or virus causing the illness. Each person’s symptoms may vary.


In December, Malawi’s government banned the import of unmilled maize grain from Kenya and Tanzania because of concerns that the spread of MLN could wipe out the country’s staple crop. The ministry of agriculture said the disease has no treatment and can cause up to 100% yield loss.

It is therefore ironical to see our own actions when admarc sold rotten Maize to its own people, ignoring all the dangers attached to rotten I’ll food. People who say they hate rotten food but always sell the same rotten food? They are engaging in hypocrisy, or behavior that is different from what they say they believe. We have a hypocrite government is a which practices hypocrisy: what they say is not what they do.