Area 47 Glorious Temple launches ‘Step out and up’ 2020 youth project

By Chris Loka

Lilongwe-based Frames of Fire International Church  preacher  Joseph Chikwenga has challenged youths in various churches in the country to embrace Innovative ideas if they want to change their lives and make the difference in their communities.

Speaking during the launch of Step out and up 2020 youth project at the Assemblies of God Area 47 Glorious Temple in Lilongwe on Sunday, Chikwenga said it is now time for young stars to start thinking outside the box if they want to make it in life saying life is a movement not monument.

“The youths should be able to take their lives in their hands, take initiatives, be creative and bring the best out of them. They should also maximize, utilize and engage their God given potential to shine and outstand in this competitive world,” he said

He added “Comfort zone is the best place to be but nothing good grows there. Therefore, when you are too comfortable, you can’t break out and take initiatives. We need to see young people from various churches stepping out from their comfort zones and start working towards success”.

Chikwenga also shared tips on how to step out and up; among others, he talked of radical mindset transformation, embracing the spirit of hard work, creativity and excellence, Fresh Baptism of the spirit of prayer, boldness and avoiding pre-mature satisfaction.

Glorious Temple youth Pastor Aggrey Munthali also concurred with Chikwenga saying apart from being God fearing it is high time that the youths should get to know themselves and explore more if they are to excel.

“Our project this year aims at encouraging the youth to work hard, know their strength and embrace innovations, we need to have the church with active young people who are independent, those who are able to take care of themselves and others.”

Wesly Tiopaizi, a youth member at area 47 Glorious Temple said life becomes really hard when you have nothing to do and you are just depending on others to do things for you and he further said he has been challenged to take an action.

Tiopaizi said he is now willing to break the windows and doors of the comfort zone and take risks.