DPP-UDF must unite, Uladi urges regional committes

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice-president (Centre)Uladi Mussa, has called for unity of purpose among regional committees of DPP and its electoral ally, United Democratic Front (UDF), to ensure that the alliance claims victory in the forthcoming fresh presidential poll. Mussa said there is need for grassroots structures of the two parties to mount gallant campaign so that President Peter Mutharika retains his seat.

The charismatic politician made the remarks on Wednesday when he addressed joint regional committees of the two parties at a meeting, which took place the Capital City Motel in Lilongwe.

President Mutharika is said to have financed the meeting, which drew participants from all the seven districts in the Central Region.

Uladi Mussa addressing the gathering

Mussa challenged that with the coming in of the alliance between the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM Party, DPP will maintain its record of not losing an election.

“MCP has made so many alliances before before. Did they win an election? So, the MCP and UTM alliance should not be something to worry about. Let us unite and work together to ensure that President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika retains his seat,” he told the committees.

And speaking after the meeting with the committees, Mussa said the DPP and UDF alliance is well prepared for the forthcoming presidential election.

He said the meeting was therefore organised to guide joint committees on how they will have to work together in preparation for the presidential poll.

He added that it is imperative that the joint committees should work together so that they do not deliver different messages.

“DPP and UDF alliance is very well prepared for the forthcoming presidential election. We are parties that have people with vast experience and political skills. So, we will be working together and we know what to do. That’s not from the scratch; we have the technical knowhow on political issues and we also know the needs of the people on the ground,” Mussa said.

In his remarks, the UDF vice president Michael Antoine said his party members are excited to work with DPP in campaigning for Mutharika.

The fresh poll follows the decision by the Constitutional Court to annul the May 21, 2019, presidential election on February 3, 2020.