Atupele Vice President treatment another waste of government resources by DPP

By Durell Namasani

DPP – UDF alliance running mate has shocked the nation today when he was on his whistle stop tour after being spotted using the same convoy that is assigned to the countries vice president . Critics of the government have not missed words but expressed concern that DPP continues to break laws and misusing government resources

Atupele who was on a whistle stop tour to the eastern region  is a  Energy Minister  and has just been picked  by Mutharika to be his running mate in the forthcoming elections. This however doesn’t not make Atupele to be the Vice president of the country nor deserving to be given  the vice presidency treatment as the  country already has the vice president in Dr Saulos Chilima. This is not the first time that the DPP government has taken Malawians for granted after they did the same thing when Everton Chimulirenji was also picked as the party’s running mate

Atupele convoy

UK based Political commentator Allan Mandindi expressed shock with DPP arrogance and lack of respect to rule of law. Writing on his social Media , Mandindi described this as abuse of tax payers money  “ Atupele is enjoying privileges  of  Vice President  as running mate  when we already have a vice president?” argued Mandindi

Former attorney general  and renown lawyer Ralph Kasambara was also left belwidered and  questioned “So Malawi has 2 Vice Presidents ? interesting times “

Musician and political activist  Nic Thindwa also had no nice words  about the DPP government . He said “ Atupele abusing funds  as he is being treated like a VP  with police cards , sirens everywhere”

Hi remarks were echoed by MCP Diaspora Director of Communications Chalo Mvula who said today was another dark day for Malawi as  it showed how DPP is prepared to waste government resources  to its advantage “ There is no way Atupele should get same treatment that is deserving for Dr Saulos Chilima who is the legitimate Vice President . Once again DPP is being arrogant and thinking that they are above the law.  Let them know that their days are numbers and Malawians will  have the final say on 2nd July”

Malawi goes to the polls on July 2nd  to elect New President after Supreme Court upheld constitutional court earlier ruling to annul elections that took place in 2019.