Why Tonse Alliance? Mzondi Lungu’s take.

I have seen the alliance of APM and Atupele Muluzi and I still fail to be convinced about the purpose of their alliance. I will scrutinise that later but today I am making a case for Tonse Alliance as below.

The presidential rerun election will be taking place on 2nd July 2020 and everyone knows this will be an opportunity to rescue our country from the difficult socio-economic problems people shouldn’t be facing if we had a proper, corrupt free government.

Over the past few years people have faced high food prices, a shortages of medicines in hospitals and hospitals becoming death traps for people in particular mothers and children , rampant corruption, high un- and under-employment (especially amongst the youth), an increase in extra-judicial killings (we have just seen the horrible death of a mother and children in Lilongwe last week) and a cold war between the government and prominent human rights organisations, which called into question the governments ability to provide security and development.

For many who have been waiting to see a new dawn and a closure to the above problems the Tonse Alliance led by Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Dr Saulos Chilima is offering that opportunity to save this country.

For many who want to get rid of tribalism, nepotism and an end to the corruption the Tonse Alliance is offering that window of opportunity to have a new start.

If you want an end for Malawi to be treated as a family farm of two families of Muluzi and Muntharika where all they care is to come, loot and steal our resources then claim being sick when taken to court then let you vote Tonse Alliance to rescue this country from such looters.

Never again should your children have high expectations and then fail to go to school or university just because the government is failing to do its job. We have seen university students looking like beggars and some girls being exploited into prostitution because the ministers are stealing money meant for them. We can end this by joining Tonse Alliance!

The list is endless but for now you have every reason to put your country first by choosing Tonse Alliance to get rid the alliance of two families who are a serious threat to our unity, our human rights, our democracy, our economic development and threat to worsening of problems making our country look like a war zone state.

In Tonse Alliance you have a serious chance to transform your country!

***views expressed are independent views of the author ***