Bad Blood in DPP sees Mchacha hacked by unknown hitmen

By Durrell Namasani

The battle for the DPP leadership has taken a sour twist as alleged hitmen from rival camps attacked and injured the party’s regional governor for the south.

According to 247Malawi investigation, those close to Mchacha firmly believe that political foes from the Party who are not happy with Mchacha on the ground work to steer DPP leadership to his favourite candidate might be the ones who have done this.

Mchacha hacked

“We know the intention was to kill our boss” said one of the people close to Mchacha

Mchacha alleges that 15 people attacked him with panga knives when he was about to enter his house at Bvumbwe, Thyolo District.

He is currently at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre receiving treatment.