21 year old boy gets 28 years jail time for robbery as people question why corrupt politicians not getting harsher sentences

In Balaka, a 21-year-old-man, Chisomo Davie has been ordered to spend the next 28 years in jail, after being found guilty on two counts of robbery with violence by a Balaka first grade magistrate. When news of the sentence broke out, many Malawians have been left wondering why the poor are getting harsher sentences for their crime , yet the politicians nabbed for corruption continue to walk scot free.

Mtambo joins Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, Lumumba for a conference on Peace and Conflict Resolutions

The Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Honourable Timothy Mtambo joined the Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and other high profile guests as main speakers on this years international leadership conference  Africa Region ILC2022 organised by  Universal Peace Federation (UPF) international

The theme for this year conference was “analysis and strategies for peace on the Korean Peninsula and its relevance for Africa Region”.  The conference had main location as Abuja Nigerian and Dar es salaam in Tanzania and took place on August 2nd  and 3rd . The Malawi minister participated Virtually. The Conference built on the discussions and outcomes of the World Summit 2022 that took place in Korea in February and which resulted in the signing  of the Seoul Declaration