Bantu Kamradz set to make a comeback this year

By Staff Reporter

The country’s legendary urban music group ‘Bantu Kamradz’ is set to return from over a decade-long hiatus with new music later this year.- one of the group members Wachituta Thombozi revealed on Friday.

According to Thombozi, the group is currently working on a brand-new project and that people should anticipate good mature music from the group.

“Bantu Kamradz is still there and we are preparing a number of songs aimed for release this year,” says Thombozi.

He further said that the group never disbanded as speculated by some people. He said it has been difficult for group members to record songs because of work and business commitments.

He said, ” Some of us like myself and Wandumi, have been able to work on solo projects but we haven’t been able to come together as a group to compose or record songs. However, due to public demand, we have tried this year to work on afew songs as a group.Currently I am working on an album with my cousin ‘Najo’ but after that, you will be listening to brand new songs from The Kamradz.”

The Bantu Kamradz became very popular in the early 2000s with their hit song ‘Africa’.

Apart from music, the group also made a name with Khalidwe Wear – a clothing line popularly known for making traditional outfit.