Ben Longwe accuses Attorney General of stopping demonstrations

By Vincent Gunde

A Human Rights Activist based in South Africa Sir Charles Ben Longwe, has accused Attorney General Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda of being behind stopping planned demonstrations which were slated on 25th October, 2023 as illegal.

Ben Longwe said he has noted with a great concern that Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda for the first time in the history of the demos since 2021 has described the planned protests calling for the resignation of President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera as unlawful.

Activist Ben Longwe

He said President Chakwera promised Malawians that if he fails to govern Malawi in the interest of all, he will resign, now he has clocked three years in government asking Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda that is this not unlawful?
Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Ben Longwe has claimed that Malawi has no fertilizer, no maize, people are just being killed and disappeared, the Malawi Kwacha has been devalued more than any other government that has ruled the country, asking Chakaka-Nyirenda to tell Malawians whether President Chakwera is lawful or unlawful.

Longwe said the office of the Attorney General is there to advise government on legal matters claiming that Chakaka-Nyirenda has failed to arrest and prosecute corrupt businessman Zuneth Sattar alleging him to have bought for him a house in London challenging him to prove him wrong.
He has reminded Chakaka-Nyirenda that he once told Malawians that if he fails to recover money that went into a butchery for fertilizer procurement to Malawi, he will resign, asking him that is the promise unlawful?

The Activist has advised Chakaka-Nyirenda that the MCP led government is leaving and going saying there is no way it can bounce back into government in 2025 and once the MCP is ousted from power, he will be answerable to many questions than answers.
He said all Malawians are very angry with the MCP led government, maize is at K65,000 per 50 Kilogram bag and in some other areas K55,000 assuring the MCP led government that rigging the 2025 elections will be almost zero.
“MCP led government’s Plan B of rigging the 2025 elections has failed, Malawians are all angry with the MCP and are not ready to give votes to President Chakwera for him to bounce back as the country’s leader in 2025,” said Longwe.
Ben Longwe said activists have been warning Minister of Homeland and Security Dr. Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma to slow down on refugees and asylum seekers, saying today he has become unlawful for entering into the book of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on crimes against refugees.

He has claimed that cases which are being transferred from Malawi courts to other countries, are a clear demonstration that Malawi has no government and if there is one, which government as there is no judiciary in Malawi.