Bwaila Class of 94 reunites

LILONGWE – United by a common purpose of restoring the glory to their former school, Bwaila secondary school Alumni, class of 1990, that graduated from the school in 1994, had a meeting on the weekend of 30 November to strategize on returning the school to its good old days.

The school, which has churned out Ministers like Ralph Jooma, Engineers like Charles Msusa and Soccer greats in the name of Young Chimodzi and Ganizani Masiye, is drowning in problems that range from dilapidating infrastructure to inadequate books.  

The 1994 alumni mobilized the meeting through a WhatsApp group. The mobilization was a success as 22 former students from the class of 1990 showed up. The meeting rekindled old memories. Some of the alumnus had not seen each other since 1994 and meeting each other after 25 years brought smiles, jokes and lots of hugs.

Bwaila Class of 1990-94

“No way! This can’t be you Patrick!” Mtisunge Mipando, one of the alumnus that showed up on this day exclaimed with joy upon glancing at his roommate, Patrick Ulaya, he had last seen 25 years ago adding jokingly: “This pot belly of yours shows good economic well-being man!!

“No. It’s a sign my wife is taking good care of me.” Patrick responded jokingly stifling a laugh while feeling his pot belly. The rest burst into a chorus of laughter.

Apparently, Patrick Ulaya, is the chair of the grouping. In his interview with Nyasa Times, he disclosed that the class of 1990 is already actively involved in assisting the school.

“We contributed a little something which was used to paint the laboratory block,” Ulaya disclosed adding that the class of 1990 was very committed to helping the school reclaim its glory.

“We are what we are now because we had the privilege of passing through the corridors of this great school,” Kelvin Mponda, another Alumnus, told this reporter while taking ravenous gulps of the heavy stuff.

A tour of the school’s classrooms was depressing. All the classrooms had inadequate desks. Where desks were available, most were broken. The classrooms’ windows were all broken. The chairperson of the grouping disclosed that the head teacher had confessed to him that most students were sitting on the floor during lessons.

The 1994 Alumni have resolved to identify an area the school is struggling with and raise resources to sort. The group has also elected a Welfare Committee that outlines specifics on how they can assist one another in times of need.

The group was also entertained to old school music, courtesy of DJ Chipi Haji. They also had a sizzling barbecue and drinks.

Bwaila secondary school, established in 1962, has produced a number of high profile personalities in Malawi. It used to be a boarding school up until 1994 and the class of 1990 being the last cohort of students to enjoy boarding facilities.

Currently the school is run on double shifts schedules.