Cecil Juma to start offering free secondary school education lessons on his Facebook page*

By Chisomo Phiri

Cecil Juma who owns Cecil Facebook Page says will from December 3,2023 start offering free additional secondary school education lessons through his Facebook page.

Speaking in an interview,Juma who is a graduate from the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) said he has at heart the desire of contributing innovative ideas and solutions towards the education sector in the country hence the decision to introduce the initiative.

Said Juma :”Online education is a tool that is being used by many developed countries to enhance learning, like in our case we want to simplify learning by bringing the subjects to students, it has to be their reference point.

“Students can enhance their understanding by going through our lessons online.”

He also spoke on the need for students who are in remote areas to acquire the quality education regardless of shortage of teachers in their schools.

Cecil Juma

On the shortage of gadgets to be used in the initiative, Juma said he is aware that many students most especially in rural areas will experience several challenges to access these online lessons because of lack of proper gadgets but in near future his team is expected to work with schools, government and NGOs on how they can make to tackle the challenges.

At the moment,two university graduates have volunteered themselves to deliver the lessons.

The lessons for the whole week will be uploaded at 6:00pm every Sunday.

The initiative is targeting over 100 thousand students from various secondary schools across the country.

Juma also emphasized on the point that students must attend normal lessons from their respective schools saying the initiative is not encouraging anyone to shun the normal lessons in class.

The initiative overview;

Vision : Learning for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Mission Statement: To make secondary school education fun end easily accessible by every student.

Target Audience:Secondary school students in rural areas.

Specifics Objectives:

a. Creating an online platform for learning
b. To ensure that the learning platform is easily accessible by everyone
c. To ensure that the online video lessons are fun and easily understood every student
d. To ensure that 90% of the lesson is in vernacular language.
e. To ensure that video lessons are part of a learner’s school life
f. To ensure that there is a detailed coverage of the topics in accordance with the National Education syllabus.


1. Project officer: Cecil Juma
• Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering, from Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences.(MUBAS)
• Honours in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. (MUBAS)
• Working as a Mechanical Engineer.

2. Education Manager: Aram Chifundo Nyondo
• Bachelors of Education (Technical), from Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS)
• Working as a Secondary School Teacher
1. Cecil Juma
2. Aram Nyondo
Length of each lesson video: 10 – 15 minutes

Language of delivery:90% Chichewa, 10% English.


1. To reach all students and everyone especially those without access to standard learn structure.
2. National wide Assessment competitions with awards
3. To incorporate the learning platform into study circles in secondary school
4. To establish online learning centres
5. To involve more teachers and experts into the lessons.
6. To ensure that the project becomes self-sustaining
7. To turn all topics in all subjects in secondary into online video lessons.

Source of funds:

– Self- funded
– Donations
How we will start?
• Uploading Mathematical lessons
• We will start with first topic in form 3, Quadratic Equations.
• The lessons will cover each concept of the topic.