Chakwera Presidency geared to change Malawi for good -claims Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma

By Staff  Reporter

Member of parliament for Nkhatabay South who is also MCP Strategic Director  Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has  said Malawi is on course for greater heights due to President Chakwera’s leadership style. Dr Zikhale  made the claims in a radio interview  when he was speaking  on “Lets Talk Africa” , a radio show  on Manchester UK based Radio Africana and hosted by Allan Mandindi.

When he was asked what he thinks about Malawi and how it compares to other African countries as far as democracy is concerned, Dr Zikhale minced no words but to make bold claims that he thinks Malawi is a democracy that need to be emulated by all African countries and beyond.  He pointed out that Malawians chose Dr Lazarus Chakwera as the president , a choice that is proving to be a good one  as the president has been at the pinnacle of good governance and promotion of democratic values. “ Dr Chakwera is the most democratic leader I have ever come across, Look at the way he is letting  the three arms of the government, judiciary , parliament and  presidential powers operate independently  but all for the good of Malawi” . Zikhale said this should be a lesson to other leaders on how to lead a country

Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma: Chakwera a blessing to Malawi

He argued that Malawians are blessed to have a capable leader in Chakwera  describing him as so accommodating  and the first president  to run a government  of several political parties  smoothly . He said he was sure that if Malawi leader can be emulated, Africa and the world will see no wars , No greed  by those in power and people will prosper together . Zikhale went further to argue that President Chakwera is running an accountable and transparent government as evidenced by the recent Covid19 funds report and that he is effecting the rule of law, as those found to have been involved in malpractices are being fired , highlighting that no one is above the law in the country.

Zikhale reminded Malawians of the other core promises that President Chakwera made  that puts him on par with the vision that the founding father of Malawi nation Ngwazi Dr H Kamuzu Banda had. He quoted Chakwera’s statements In which he promised Malawians  food security , job creation  and wealth distribution “ we need to make Malawi to be a food basket , making fertiliser almost available to every family. We need to create jobs and shake up the economy by shifting our focus to mining as tobacco is struggling on the international market  and we also need wealth creation and equiptable distribution” Zikhale said he was not surprised with the success of programmes like AIP,  And the strategic resource allocation that has become evident in the recent State of the Nation address by the President .

Zikhale also talked about the need to have  Values that help govern governments giving example of Chakwera’s flagship Super Hi5 Agenda that was central to his election campaign and has already started being  fulfilled. “ Chakwera’s super Hi5  of ending corruption , prospering together, servant leadership, respect for rule of law has already started Manifesting , we have seen  nepotism and regionalism now dying slowly , we have seen equal distribution of wealth through infrastructure  distribution such as plans to construct roads in Northern Region that were bad and often abandoned by previous regimes”.

Zikhale called on all African Leaders to emulate the leadership style of President Chakwera that promotes independence for governments institutions  and working towards promotion of good life  for the citizens .