Chilinde Parish visits Sir Paul Banda and makes a donation towards his health bill.

Music legend Paul Banda says is dumb-founded by the love and out-pouring support that he is receiving from people of goodwill now when he and two members of his family are not in the best of health.

Sir Paul Banda said this today at his residence in Balaka when Parish Priest for Holy Family (Chilinde) Parish, Fr. Samson Kumkumbira, and executive members of the parish paid the legend a courtesy call and delivered K319, 000. 00 that parishioners and the parish contributed in his support.

“l am truly thankful for the overwhelming support that we continue to receive in this difficult time. Kindly remember to do the same to other people in our situation. We feel loved and are very grateful,” said Banda. In his remarks, Holy Family (Chilinde) Parish Priest, Fr. Kumkumbira, said the monetary support was in recognition of the enormous moral, spiritual and social contribution that Paul Banda has made to the the nation and the people of Malawi.

“Paul Banda is an icon in our country. His music has positively affected the lives of people of this country, irrespective of their background. He deserves our show of gratitude. That is why members of our parish and the parish itself deemed it appropriate to make this modest contribution. We thank God for their life and how they have touched humanity,” said Fr. Kumkumbira.

Parish chairperson, Willard Njikho, has since called on more people of goodwill to step forward and help the Banda family in appreciation for the role they have played in helping make Malawi a better place to live in.