Covid19 on top of FAM executive agenda

Football Association of Malawi (Fam) says it will go ahead to hold its quarterly executive committee meeting through video technology slated for Monday as a precautionary measure in light of Covid-19.

As football is halted, the association also shut down its offices at Chiwembe Technical Centre in Blantyre last week and the staff is working from home.

But Fam is expected to hold its first virtual Executive Committee meeting on Monday.

Among the agenda item is impact assessment of Covid-19 on Football and Response Plan.

Fam president Walter Nyamilandu confirmed yesterday that the first virtual Exco meeting will take place on Monday which will also save a lot of costs such as fuel and accommodation

“In the spirit of enforcing social distancing, the executive committee will hold its first virtual meeting through ZOOM which is the fastest growing application for video conferencing. We have embraced technology to demonstrate that it is possible to stay at home and work at home during these difficult times. Physical location should not be a barrier to getting things  done,” Nyamilandu said Friday.

“Though it is not business as usual, life can continue and we can still achieve a lot. We just have to change our habits and adapt to new ways of working. The added benefit is that we will save a lot of costs as we won’t have to pay expenses related to accommodation and fuel.”

However, the Fifa Council Member said the executive members will only be provided with a small amount of money for data to use during the meeting.

Fam also set up a task force to look into the impact of Covid-19 on football. Fam Executive Member Chimango Munthali is heading the task force while fellow executive members Felister Dossi, Madalitso Kuyera and Fam General Alfred Gunda are committee members.

The association submitted a K3.6 billion budget to Fifa after all 211 member associations were asked to provide data on financing of football, support systems, sponsorship values and the revenues that the game registers.

Local football analyst, George Chiusiwa said the meeting should brainstorm on key issues including the impact of Covid-19 on football.

“It is a great idea and I believe at the end of the meeting they would come up with a plan as a response to the Covid-19. I think, clubs will be assisted in one way or another through the meeting,” he added.

Fifa president, Gianni Infantino announced recently that in order to alleviate immediate financial problems, subject to relevant committee approval, member association operational costs from the Fifa Forward Programme will be paid in advance.

Infantino said a consultation process was already underway to assess the financial impact across football in order to prepare the right response based around a fund with an independent governance structure.

Football across the world faces uncertain future due to Covid-19 as all major football leagues have been suspended.