Cracks in DPP/UDF alliance as Atupele still bitter with Second Veep broken promise

By Durell Namasani

There is growing tension in the ruling DPP and UDF alliance as alliance Partner Atupele Muluzi has grown increasingly paranoid after one of the early promises has already been broken by President Peter Mutharika. It has been established that the initial agreement of the alliance was that Mutharika will have a cabinet reshuffle and will appoint Atupele as second Vice president.

Speaking to 247 Media on condition of anonymity, one of the Members of Parliament for UDF  said  there are growing worries that DPP is just using UDF “I  don’t think this alliance is genuine, its just  that DPP  is desperate and  trying to take advantage of UDF”. The member of parliament expressed concern that despite warning Atupele Muluzi against this union, the UDF leader always gave a blind eye.

Atupele and Mutharika announcing their alliance

It appears however that the tables are now turning as Atupele has started seeing the promises that were made during alliance discussions not being fulfilled . It was agreed during the talks that Mutharika would reshuffle the cabinet and will appoint some ministers from UDF. While he has been able to do that, Mutharika only appointed Atupele Muluzi as a mere minister of Energy, far from the promise of a second vice position.

The initial idea was that Atupele will be the second vice president  in order to elevate him to the position of much influence so that  he can try to convince the UDF stronghold areas of Mangochi, Machinga , Balaka and the Muslim community to vote for DPP. Inside sources says Mutharika decided to do the opposite as they are strong fears that Atupele is not a faithful partner to the alliance , but has only joined to revive his political fortunes and position himself for future presidency.

While one of the first promises has been broken, we are yet to see if another promise of making Atupele Muluzi running mate to Mutharika in the next election will happen. A quick opinion poll has shown that Atupele is the least trusted politician at the moment . While his UDF base has fallen, his standing among the young people, who were his dominant demographic has also fallen . Many Young people view Atupele as lacking principles, not able to make his own decisions without relying on his father and  not very strong to face the hard knocks of life due to his rich soft upbringing.