Burning houses story is DPP propaganda to divert attention- MCP Claims

By Chalo Mvula

Malawi Congress Party has refuted rumours circulating that members of the party have been destroying houses and property belonging to DPP members. DPP cadets have been posting pictures of destroyed houses claiming that MCP members have destroyed and burnt houses for its local officials in Kasiya Lilongwe

Earlier on Nicholas Dausi accused MCP of destroying property of members belonging to DPP members. He also rubbished suggestion that people are going round trying to buy IDs from locals as part of the rigging plot by the ruling party “”We are worried with what MCP and UTM members are doing , especially in central region areas like Namitete, Msundwe, Kabudula and Nsaru where their supporters keep destroying property of DPP members” said Dausi

MCP publicity secretary Rev Maurice Munthali

Dausi claimed that Police in Lilongwe have arrested people who have confessed to be MCP members . He also refuted that DPP cannot buy IDs as data is already captured . “How can one buy IDs when there is possibility that even without ID as long a person was registered, they can go and be verified by chiefs in order for them to vote?” queried Dausi.

However , MCP spokesperson Rev Maurice Munthali hit back at Dausi claiming that the idea that MCP members are burning and destroying houses of DPP members is not only absurd but propaganda by the government to divert attention from what is really going on ” We have strong evidence that people are going round trying to buy ID’s, some of the people have been stopped and when questioned have revealed that they are being sent by DPP- what we can say is to warn DPP to quickly stop these practices ” said Munthali.

Munthali said MCP is a party of peace and has respect for rule of law . He however, warned DPP that people in the country are angry and will not sit down while the party tries to send people around to buy IDs . He also expressed dissatisfaction with lack of investigation on the matter by the police.

Some of the houses DPP claims have been destroyed by MCP supporters