Dan Lu’s” Take my body” raises debate on social media

By Chisomo Phiri

” Take my body” a new song by Malawi’s famous Afro singer Dan Lu has raised debate among many Malawians on social media where some are describing it as a bad song while some describing it as a good one.

In the song that has been produced by the legendary producer, Tapps Bandawe, the singer is addressing a lover, whom he has missed, and wants to touch, kiss and quench his libido thirsty.

In a one minute clip which is trending on social media, the singer is narrating his libido craving in a native chichewa language.

He sings ” Ndilinyere!, Ndilindinyere!, I wanna touch you!, I wanna touch!
Nakugubiratu chaka chatha, Lero night kwavuta. Bebi walayitu ndikumaka.Ndikumwera gondolosi, oh! Ine nde ndikuloka, oh! Ine bebi siyine ofooka!, zamgwiragwira zibaba!!.”

Dan Lu

Meanwhile, social media users have reacted differently to the song ,with some accusing the artist of losing his cultural values in the choice of lyrics.

For instance, social media commentator, Joshua Chisa Mbere observes the song being an abomination.

Says Mbere“I can’t play that song in my house l’m a strict moralist.”

“It’s a hopeless composition, the fact that I posted it here, I have promoted it, but it’s very shallow in lyrics,”

Another social media user George Khumalo agrees with Mbere saying ” Siyabwino …message ya Nyimbo goes together ndi culture…values ..norms yomwe artsist akuchokera ..so in malawian society izizi sizabwino iyaaa….creativity alibe chabe.”

While Christopher Kalipinde comments in favour of the song.

He says “Vuto ndi culture yathu, it doesn’t buy this. Koma tamvelapo nyimbo ngati zimenezi in English especially za RnB, ena mpana akhala nazo mu song book yawo.

“Tavinapo “Sawasawa” ya Mr Flavour full of zachigololo lyrics.”

Another one Frank Akuzike also says ” Chavuta apa ndi chichewa koma palibe chavutapo apa ngati mamvela zachizungu nde kumeneko zambiri mbiri ndithu.”

Dan Lu recently released his 2023 first single titled “No money, no love” which is number one on malawi music chart website and has bee enjoying massive airplay.

He has dropped a number of musical hits in his musical career such as Shuppie, Part of Life and Akumva Pain.