Dan Msowoya appointed personal advisor on constitution and governance to Enock Chihana

By Chisomo Phiri

Alliance for Democracy ( AFORD) President Enock Chihana has announced the appointment of veteran politician Dan Msowoya as his personal advisor on constitution and governance.

In a statement, Chihana said, Msowoya’s appointment brings to the presidential council and the party vast political experience and institutional memory in the ongoing rebuilding and rebranding drive that the party is pursuing.

He said his appointment is immediate.

Confirming the development with local media, Msowoya said his new role will help him and the party to bring some sober outlook on the politics of Malawi which has been characterized with a lot of slander.

Dan Msowoya

He added that the party will come up with an approach that is issue based with a content that is going to attract the section of Malawi which really would like to hear important issues rather than ordinary rhetoric.

Said Msowoya“I have been with the party all along from the time it was created and I have had a passion to run it properly and being one of the oldest members of the party I think I re-correct things which may have been left in the process of governing AFORD, so I offered yes to advise where I can.”

The Alliance for Democracy is a political party that marked its history as laying the foundation for multi-party rule in Malawi.

The party began as an underground political movement during the Kamuzu Banda era and later evolved to a political party during the multi-party era under the leadership of trade union activist, Chakufwa Chihana.

AFORD has a stronghold in the northern region.