Dedza welcomes Timothy Mtambo and Kazombo as they makes strong case for Chakwera/Chilima vote

By Chalo Mvula

The Commander in chief of CFT Movement Timothy Mtambo has told people of Dedza   that a vote for Dr Lazarus Chakwera and his running mate Dr Saulos Chilima is the only vote that will liberate Malawi . He was speaking when he conducted several whistle stops together with Deputy Speaker and MCP member of parliament for Kasungu East Hon Madalitso Kazombo.

Mtambo announced his arrival by declaring that he has come to deliver a message of Dr Lazarus Chakwera. He attacked the leadership of DPP and UDF citing that it is an alliance that lacks proper leadership and cannot compare to the Tonse Alliance team.  “A leader needs to be intelligent, loving and humble and this is what you find in Dr Chakwera and Dr Chilima, and you can’t compare these leaders to Mutharika and Atupele who lack any of the leadership qualities” charged Mtambo. He went further by highlighting that the DPP regime has significantly showed how lacking it is, with its failure to investigate the killing of albinos. He described Mutharika as a someone who has no respect for the rule of law citing his latest attempt to get rid of the supreme court judges.

Mtambo and Kazombo in Dedza South

Addressing crowds that gathered at Chikuse, Mtambo heaped praise on the local MP for the area but highlighted that there is little he can do to the people if the country will remain under DPP regime. Mtambo  warned people against voter apathy  “ I know sometimes we get discouraged and don’t want to go and vote just because we think our vote will be stolen and we will lose, but let me encourage you that  we will do our best to safeguard the vote and no vote will be stolen this time “ said Mtambo

Mtambo said he feels sorry for Malawians and the many hardships people both in the urban and rural areas are facing every day.  He equalled the many problems people are facing as the other biggest threat to their lives  just as covid19 is .  “The biggest Covid19 challenge we have is Mutharika  and DPP and that’s why we have to get rid of them on June 23 “

Also present in Dedza South was Hon Madalitso Kazombo . Popularly known as Kamatcheni,  Kazombo went on to remind people that Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Chilima is the dream ticket  that will take care of the many of the problems that people in the villages face.  He blamed the DPP government and their predecessors UDF  for not doing enough to  bring any meaningful development in  Dedza. He spoke of the many families that cannot afford to pay school fees for their children when they reach higher education. The state of the roads in the district was another issue as majority of the roads are of poor quality.

Mtambo will be in Lilongwe on Friday where he is expected to address people Lilongwe City South East, a constituency under MCP legislator Ulemu Msungama. He is expected to visit Kachere Ground, Kaliyeka Market, Area 23 Market, area 44 before addressing a rally at Gologota