Development partners committed to provide financial support to Malawi for climate change mitigation interventions- Usi

By Chisomo Phiri

Malawi’s Minister of Natural Resources and Climate change Michael Usi who recently led the country delegation to COP28 in Dubai, says many development partners have committed to provide financial support for various climate change mitigation interventions.

Usi was speaking on Friday in Lilongwe at a media briefing to update the nation on the outcome of the recently concluded COP 28.

The minister said among others, the Scottish government is providing 1.25 million British pounds (about K2.6 Billion) loss and damage package to the Malawi government to go directly to those affected by natural disasters such as cyclone Freddy.

Hon Michael Usi

He added that the African Development Bank(ADB) has shown interest to provide funding for the construction of a hydropower station and a Multipurpose dam on Tanzania’s Songwe River basin projected to cost USD1 Billion.

Usi further challenged Malawians to have the desire to replenish the forest cover without waiting for an official annual tree planting season.

“Malawians should have the responsibility of planting trees with or without the government officially opening the season. It should be in us,” he said.

He said the Ministry will make a program and announce the date when the tree planting season will be officially launched.

Soon, Malawi and Tanzania are expected to be producing 180.2 megawatts of electricity at the powerplant to be shared equally.