Diaspora MCP faults DPP cadets over Demos Violence

The leader of  Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Wing  Lucy Chitembeya  has  criticized the DPP machinery on its handling of protests  that were taking place in Blantyre today . The protests which were aimed  at delivering a petition to the ongoing SADC summit  at Mount Soche asking for Jane Ansah to resign  as MEC chair were met with violence . it is reported that some well known DPP cadet started hurling stones at the protesters.

Among  the injured, HRDC official Billy Mayaya sustained deep cuts to the head and had to seek Medical help. The events have prompted angry reactions from a cross section of Malawians .

Diaspora MCP leader :Lucy Chitembeya

Chitembeya speaking  from her base in USA said Malawians In Diaspora and the international community are shocked to learn of the conduct   of the so called DPP Cadets ”We , Malawians in Diaspora are saddened by this development. DPP continues to use its thugs to intimidate Malawians and this is not necessary. Malawi is a democratic state and we will not allow this sort of behaviour to continue”, Chitembeya went to say  what the cadets and DPP leadership are doing is a threat to democracy and human rights “ everyone has the right to protest without getting intimidated , harassed or beaten up by anybody.

Chitembeya questioned the motivation for attacking the protesters arguing that this only legitimizes the assertion that DPP is not the legitimate government and they don’t have the genuine mandate to be in power. “ why are they at the forefront of protecting Jane Ansah when at the end of the day , the protesters were having a peaceful protest? Wondered Chitembeya.

Several top opposition party  Officials were seen among the protesters today, notably UTM’s Michael Usi , Bon Kalindo and Allan Ngumuya who offered the opening prayer before the protesters started their journey heading to Mount Soche Hotel, where they were scheduled to deliver a petition to SADC leaders in their quest to push for Jane Ansah resignation

Injured Billy Mayaya

It is also alleged the Police fired Teargass at patients at Queens Hospital , a situation described by Chitembeya and pathetic and worthy of international crimes against humanity