Comedian Chaponda back on BBC

Malawi’s stand-up comedian Daliso Chaponda returns on the BBC next month with another season of comedy series, the Citizen of Nowhere.

As in the first series, Chaponda will jest on everything, including diplomacy, a controversial topic that basically touches on politics. 

“The new series of Citizen of Nowhere will start in October on the BBC. Malawians will be able to tune in if they download bbcsounds app. Citizen of Nowhere season two has four episodes.  One will address diplomacy, one will address cultural relativism, one episode is about apologies and the final one, ownership.

“Malawi is a recurring character in the jokes, but I also talk about my experiences in the UK, Canada, Swaziland and all over the world. I discuss colonialism, dictatorships, divorces and many other subjects,” said Chaponda in an interview.

The first collection of  Citizen of Nowhere which aired on BBC’s Radio 4, saw the comedian throwing jokes surrounding the relationship between Africa and Britain on the radio.

Comedian Daliso Chaponda

When the four episodes ended in June 2018, the artist hinted of a return saying: “The producers were impressed and have called for reappearance next year.”

According to a flyer, posted by Chaponda on his Facebook page, he is scheduled to record episodes three and four of series two in Manchester on September 24.

Meanwhile, the 2017 America’s Got Talent finalist has embarked on a tour that will see him performing in 60 cities in UK.

“The show I am touring is called Blah Blah Blacklist and is about what happened to me during the trial of my father [politician George Chaponda] with people threatening me, trying to blackmail me and other things that were scary then but hilarious now,” he said.

Chaponda said at the end of the tour, he will film it. 

“I filmed my last show in the UK and it is now on Amazon. I hope to film the new one in an African country,” said the comedian.

According to his website,, the Blah Blah Blacklist tour has shows in Manchester, Leicester, London and Aberdeen among others. The tour is scheduled to end on March 15, 2020.