Fans react to Temwah’s new song ‘Yesu Wanga’ (Suyo)

By Durell Namasani

On Tuesday, songstress  ‘Temwah’ released her brand new music video titled ‘Yesu Wanga’ (Suyo) which features gospel singer Theresa Phondo.

According to Temwah the song is a message of hope to all Malawians who have been passing through difficult times in the past months, loosing so many of their loved ones.

Temwah wrote on her Facebook page that she teamed up with Theresa to release the song in order to bring back hope and smiles to the people of Malawi.

“This one is for you Malawi , this song is a gift from our hearts to yours. We’ve faced numerous challenges over the past few months, losing people we know to death . But  we want to share a message of hope and resilience with you.”

“We hope this song brings a smile to your face and reminds you that God has a plan for us, and we will get through this together. Remember, this too shall pass, and better days are ahead.”

Reacting to the new song, music lovers on social media commended the two artists for the beautiful work.

Maggie Nyalugwe Liwawala wrote;
“Beautiful song well done to you both this is what we want to see in Malawi music industry especially ladies standing together osati kumangonyozanayi congratulations dear love the song .

“This composition is utterly magnificent, a true testament to your collective dedication and boundless energy. Temwah, your talent is nothing short of extraordinary. A resounding shout-out to Theresa Phondo—your brilliance knows no bounds!.” Wrote Zambica Jr Mkandawire.

Donna Luwanda wrote;
“The voice from both of you is just wow. Love u guys such a nice song.”

Some Temwah fans especially women think that it’s high time the singer starts doing gospel music as it has been proved that she is too good when it comes to composing gospel songs.

“This is beautiful I think Gospel suits you so much God is calling you m,”  wrote Tendai Chidothi on Facebook.

However, while commending Temwah and Theresa for the beautiful track, one Facebook user ‘Wakuda Tass’ was not comfortable with the use of a Zulu word in the song ‘Asambe’ which means ‘Let’s go’ in English or ‘Tiyeni’ in Chichewa.

“Next time don’t add Asambeni ,Asambeni munyimbo zakumakawi please,It make No sense,We love you Queen Temwah.”

Meanwhile Temwah has thanked her followers as the video of the song which has been directed by Seany Films reaches over 60,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

You can watch ‘Yesu Wanga’ by Temwah and Theresa Phondo by following the link below