Fattani warned over printing fake ballot papers by Parliament Defence committee

The Defence and Security committee of Parliament has warned Fattani Offset Printers in Blantyre over allegations of printing fake ballot papers to allegedly help the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rig the fresh Presidential election due Tuesday June 23.

The six-member team, led by the committee chairperson Ken Zikhale Ng’oma of Malawi Congress Part (MCP), queried the company directors and management on the allegations before inspecting some offices and the factory. Thier distprtion in responding to the questions raised suspicions.

Fattan Offset Printers has been at the centre of controversy . They have been printing parliamentary ballot papers locally, they printed for Mchinji, Lilongwe by elections using restrictive tendering.

The Defence and Security committee meeting Fattani Printers

The committee warned Fattani that since they have been printing ballot papaers before in elections, should there be any suspious ballot papers in the forthcoming presidential elections, the compamny will be held responsible

Ng’oma s the committee was greatful to the company directors for accommodating them on their fact finding mission, “although there were some elements of dishonesty from some of the employees when releasing information.”

The commitee said Inconsistent in responding to the committee’s question , has raised eyes brows that anything can happen and will be watching with an eagle eyes through out the elections and the committee can come back for further intensive investigations

Since Fattani was aware of the allegations that the country is aware on him likely being in the deal of printing fake ballots, his workers were made alert not to say anything regarding Printing big ballot papers before

The defense and security committee left Fattan premises not convinced that Fattan Printers are not involved in malpractices of Printing ballots privately to influence elections

“They form the security risk due to the fact that they have been Printing ballot papers for by elections before, a fact they were denying during probation and later on had to withdraw when pressure was mounting and apologised to the committee for laying that they hadly have printed ballot papers before and that let to the clue which tipped that Chris Offset also has printed ballot papers before and the committee is yet to visit Chris offset for questioning” argued Committee chair Dr ken ZIkhale Ngoma

Malawi goes to the polls on Tueday June 23rd

DPP Flags found at the premises