Mtambo urges MEC to ensure free, fair and credible election

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

Citizens For Transformation Movement (CFT) has called upon Malawi’ Electoral Commission to ensure that it conducts the fresh presidential election scheduled for Tuesday next week in a free, fair and credible manner. Speaking when it conducted a press briefing in Mzuzu, the Commander In Chief for the movement Comrade Timothy Mtambo said its now high time that Malawi starts to move forward as a nation and that the coming election is the one to decide, hence a need for MEC to handle it with all seriousness it deserves.

Mtambo who confidently told the media that CFT endorsed Chakwera-Chilima presidency on reasons to benefit all Malawians. In a statement titled ‘Highlighting the Path to Malawi’ Mtambo said the Mutharika government has completely failed Malawians and deserves no chance to be voted again . He said Mutharika has demonstrated to be the champion of violation of the rule of law and that his intention is to perpetuate looting of public resources and dismissal or attempts to remove from positions all those seem to work against his will regardless of their professional conduct in serving Malawians among many reasons. He further added that under Mutharika Malawi remains hopeless with no direction hence now its time for his regime to go.

Mtambo addressing the press in Mzuzu

On why Malawians should vote for Dr Chakwera , Mtambo said a vote for Chakwera will entail a shift to a progressive and prosperous nation where public service will be revamped under a reformative leadership of his partner Dr Chilima. He said the Tonse government will bring relief to farmers and the country’s economy in general by lowering the price of 50kg bag of fertilizer to K4, 495, thereby enabling abundant food production resulting to food security of families and the nation.

Mtambo also reminded people that economic landscape of the country which has deterioted under DPP regime will be lifted by enabling business youths and women get meaningful loans and utilize such resources in an enabling economic environment that will lead to prosperity.

Mtambo flanked by some CFT leaders Chimwemwe Nachela and CFT Diaspora leader Linda Khembo called upon MEC to ensure that there is undoubted free, fair and credible election. “All existing bottlenecks including the alleged data pollution must be addressed promptly and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders ahead of the polling day. MEC should ensure that political party monitors, or independent monitors, are not intimidated but given full latitude as permitted by the electoral laws and rules”.

Mtambo finished with a strong message for the Army and the Police that being security agents, they should remember the oath of protecting the citizens in executing duties ahead, during and after election so that Malawi remains a peaceful nation that all Malawians will be proud of.