Forget about bouncing back in power 2025- Chimwendo Banda tells DPP

By Chisomo Phiri

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) senior member and the Leader of the House in Parliament, Richard Chimwendo Banda, has vowed that the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will not bounce back in power in 2025 and that instead President Dr.Lazarus Chakwera will have a landslide victory of 70 percent.

He made the remarks in Parliament on Friday as he was delivering his statement before the House rose sine die.


Said Chimwendo Banda:”Let me tell you this, whether you are young or old but you will not replace Chakwera.Whether we add 10 more years or reduce the years but you will not replace Chakwera.

“I am very much confident that come next year, Chakwera will score 70% of the total votes across the country.

“Chakwera is taking this country into the right direction. The future looks brighter like Venus. He has built a foundation that will bear fruits in the next two years.

“Yes, we have sporadic problems within the economy, but we must understand now that with Chakwera’s leadership, forex problems are becoming minimal, colleges have stopped to be closed because there is reasonable funding, women are empowered through social cash transfers, the GDP projections looks healthier, among others. I, therefore, urge people not to threaten the progress that we have made by making a suicide mistake in 2025.”

He also advised the opposition parties to get united rather than wasting tax payers’ money because of their childish bickering.

“Let’s behave. We should not be doing things as if we are children,” he advised.

The House Leader then hailed the Minister of Finance Simplex Chithyola Banda for providing a budget that has carried the needs of Malawians.

DPP was kicked out of power in 2020.