Former President APM Continues to Serve Malawians, Plans Food Distribution for Muslim Community

By Twink Jones Gadama

In a display of true servant leadership, His Excellency Prof. APM, the President of the Mighty DPP and former President of the Republic of Malawi, continues to show his commitment to the well-being of all Malawians. Despite facing obstacles and challenges, he remains dedicated to serving the people of Malawi, especially those in need.

On the 4th of April 2024, former President APM will be distributing food hampers to our Muslim brothers at Mpinganjira Mosque in Mangochi. This gesture of kindness and generosity highlights his compassion and understanding of the struggles faced by many in our society. By reaching out to the Muslim community in Mangochi, APM is showing that unity and solidarity are essential in times of need.


It is evident that the former President’s actions speak louder than words, as he continues to make a positive impact on the lives of Malawians. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life is a testament to his leadership skills and dedication to serving the nation.

Despite facing opposition and criticism from some quarters, APM remains a beacon of hope for many Malawians. His commitment to upholding the values of integrity, honesty, and inclusivity sets him apart as a true statesman who puts the needs of the people above everything else.

In contrast, the current President of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera, has been facing challenges in managing the economy and providing effective leadership. Many Malawians have expressed dissatisfaction with the current administration’s performance, highlighting the need for a leader who can bring about real change and progress.

Chakwera’s attempts to discredit APM and prevent him from standing for re-election are seen as desperate moves to maintain power. However, Malawians from all corners of the country have come together to reject any attempts to manipulate the political process and silence the voice of the people.

The recent push by Chakwera and his allies to introduce an age limit bill in Parliament to prevent APM from running for office again has been met with strong opposition. Malawians have made it clear that they will not stand for any attempts to undermine democracy and prevent APM from serving the nation once again.

As we look towards the future, it is essential to recognize the importance of leaders like APM who embody the principles of servant leadership and genuine care for the people. His actions speak volumes about his character and commitment to making a difference in the lives of all Malawians.

Former President APM’s upcoming food distribution at Mpinganjira Mosque is a symbol of his dedication to serving the people of Malawi. His continued support for those in need and willingness to connect with diverse communities are qualities that set him apart as a true leader. Malawians can look to APM as a source of inspiration and hope for a better future for all.