GGJDC urge political women aspirants not to give up

Governance Gender Justice and Development Center (GGJDC), one of the organizations that promote gender issues in the country has urged women who failed in the May 21 tripartite elections not to relent but contest  in 2024 elections.

This was revealed during the meeting organized by GGJDC at Sanguya Lodge for Women Councilors in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

Councillors who did not made it pose for a group photo

GGJDC Programmes Officer, Grace Makuti said the event was organized to meet all women councilors who failed during the elections to discuss factors that led to the loss of many women during the  past elections.

“Out of 61 Wards in Lilongwe, only nine women made it. This did not impress us as we want more women to be elected into various positions under our program called “Women Empowered for Leadership” which started last year,” she pointed out.

Makuti added that women, during the meeting, have learned the factors that made them loose as well as finding the solutions so as not to repeat the same mistakes and do better in the next elections.

“Over 64 women registered and made it into ballot papers but nine made it hence conducting this meeting to hear direct from them on what they think made them loose and find solutions as well as to encourage them to take part and hold different positions in the community despite failing the last elections,” she said.

One of the councilors who lost the elections,Sabina Ndeketeya thanked the GGJDC for the meeting as this has really encouraged her not to give up despite the challenges faced during the election process and promised find solutions to the problems which led to her failure.

“One of the problems that let me down is that people in my community vote for the party not a person in that they only choose a party despite the developments that one can bring after elections. I promised them more developments but they said that cannot change them since they already have the party which they vote for in every election,” she said.

Ndeketeya said that, “She is not giving up despite the discouragement received from the community. I will continue contesting and doing the good work for them since I have a strong feeling that I can really transform my community.”

The meeting involved 2019’s tripartite elections’ Shadow Councilors from various political parties including independent candidates.