Goodbye DPP- Political Nomad Kutsaira dumps the party

One of the well known ‘cheji golo’ politicians has done it again .Former Energy minister and Lilongwe Msinja north member of parliament Bintony Kutsaira has dumped the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In a brief letter to the Speaker of Parliament, Kutsaira is not stating reasons for his decision to leave the party that once gave him the powerful position of secretary general.

Bintony Kutsaira

He says in the letter  that he wants  the Speaker to relocate him from DPP bench in parliament to that of independent legislators.

There are strong rumours that he is rejoining the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

The former National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) boss has been a political nomad , he once cut ties with MCP where he once served as a mmber of parliament. Kutsaila joined the DPP where late president Bingu wa Mutharika gave him the position of deputy minister of Agriculture.

After Mutharika’s death in 2012, he joined the Peoples Party soon after former president Joyce Banda was sworn in as president.

After the DPP came back to power after ousting the Peoples Party at the ballot box in 2014, Kutsaira rejoined the DPP.

Now that the MCP is in government, he is rejoining the party.

Kutsaira once joined PP when it was in government