Govt told not to waste K244 million on independence celebrations amidst “Pa ground sipali bwino”

They are growing calls for Government to abandon plans to hold independence celebrations due to the many economic hardships facing Malawians . This follows the announcement by the Minister of Homeland Security Hon Richard Chimwendo that K244 Million kwacha has been allocated for the 6th July Independence celebrations.

People took to social media to express their anger at the government plans to spend such money while the economic situation in Malawi is getting worse. Social commentator Onjezani Kenani wrote ” We’re failing to pay secondary school teachers their June salaries but we have enough to play around with for independence celebrations. How insensitive” Kenani went on to say “Pa giraundi sipali bwino, ndiye ena aziti ife ngati dziko timwaze K244 miliyoni ati tisangalale kuti pa 6 Julayi tinalandira ufulu? Choti tisangalalire ndi chiyani kwenikweni? Kuti ugule botolo limodzi lamafuta ophikira, uyenera kugulitsa ndowa yathunthu yachimanga, basi ena ali tisangalale” meaning there was no sense in holding celebrations when the economic situation in the country is worse .

also making commentary on the issues another renowed socia activists Idriss Nasser said Malawi has become nation led by shameless self-serving and thoughtless scammers who stood aside with their arms folded as hundreds of people died in hospitals because money meant to buy oxygen, drugs and life-saving equipment had been stolen.

“Now they say to us saying “come, we have K244 million for to sing, dance, eat, drink and be happy”. Of course, they have reason to be happy because some of them have turned into overnight billionaires since we elected them into office, just twelve short months ago.But what, exactly, is everyone else going to be celebrating?” questioned Nasser

These comments were welcomes by hundreds of other comments from concerned Malawians who believe government prioritise are upside down.

Earlier Hon Richard Chimwendo said Government has allocated 244 Million Kwacha towards this year’s Independence Day Celebrations on 6 July. The celebrations will be held in all regions, with strict adherence to the Covid-19 preventive measures.