I am loyal to Proffesor Mutharika , says Chimulirenji

State Vice President Right Honourable Everton Chimulirenji has echoed his stand to serve the President and Malawians with undivided loyalty for the country’s betterment.

The Vice President said this at Mwanza Community Ground where he held a rally on Thursday. Chimulirenji also said the current administration is committed to advancing people’s social and economic status.

“I belong to President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’ camp. The Democratic Progressive Party has got one camp whose leader is Professor Mutharika and we need to be loyal to him as well as support him in turning promises he made to Malawians, into reality,” said Chumulirenji amid cheers from the multitude that thronged the Community ground.

Parliamentarian for Mwanza Central Nicholas Dausi (r) and DPP Southern Region Governor Charles Mchacha also called for unity of purpose

Chimulirenji, who is also the party’s National Campaign Director, warned DPP officials and supporters against spreading lies and making divisive sentiments. He therefore asked them to maintain unity of purpose for the country to attain meaningful and sustainable development.

He said government is committed to providing people with the necessary social amenities in its quest to improve their living standards.

Chimulirenji then thanked the people in the area for voting for DPP candidates in the May 21 elections and promised them a number of projects.

“I would like to renew in public my commitment to serving the President and all Malawians diligently. We need to rally behind our President for national prosperity. He is the President of our unshakable party and I will be running around on his behalf where need arises,” said Chimulirenji flanked by senior party officials.

The party’s governor for Southern Region, Charles Mchacha, hailed the Vice President for sparing time to interact with the people in the area.

“The Vice President has certainly strengthened the party here and as a party we will not tire in organizing such meetings as they are the only forum we get to know or hear burning issues from the communities. DPP is a party for the people and is committed to delivering its promises to all people,” said Mchacha.

Other Senior DPP officials who attended the rally were Bertha Nachuma, Director of Women (South), Reverend Mwai Kamuyambeni, Director Operations and Director for the Youth (South) Yona Mlotha.

Also present at the meeting were Inkosi Gomani V and Senior Chief Kanduku, who requested government to consider constructing a stadium and modern market and bus terminal at Mwanza Boma and upgrade Thambani road, among other needs.