I withdraw from Presidential race- Mvula blames MEC as he endorses Chakwera

There was drama Presidential Candidates nomination papers presentation ceremony when independent presidential candidate Phunziro Mvula shocked the commissioners by withdrawing his candidacy. At the event which took place at Mount Soche in Blanytyre, Mvula said he decided to pull out because the current Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Lack Credibility and will not deliver a fair election. He has so far endorsed MCP President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and the Tonse Alliance.

Speaking to reporters after his withdraw Mvula said MEC, lacks credibility and instead of helping and empowering Malawians, the Commission has become a shield for protecting the DPP government so that it can continue to oppress Malawians, sow the seeds of nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, and plundering of the resources collected from our taxes.

Phunziro Mvula- Endorses Chakwera

He said, in order for a credible Electoral Commission to exist, there must be a credible Chairperson and trustworthy commissioners who must inspire the hope that they can manage the Elections in a credible manner. Chairperson of the Electoral Commission and your commissioners, you have lost public trust. Malawians are asking you to resign.

A lot of people in Malawi have lost confidence in the electoral body because it is the same people that messed up the previous 2019 presidential elections and now they are running these fresh election. This making alot of people to question whether these elections will be free and fair. we have already heard claims backed with evidence that MEC is allowing minors to register, something very worrying.

Mvula then announced that he was endorsing Dr Lazarus Chakwera of the Tonse Alliance ” I am convinced that the country has a chance to rise again through the leadership of Dr Lazarus Chakwera. I have faith that his vision is sufficient for every malawian , including me, my family , my supporters and the lomwe belt poor people who are blindly following DPP” said Mvula

Mvula, an ex Malawi Army officer expressed that he was driven to seek the high office because he has a vision to improve the socio-economic lives of Malawian. He said this can only be achieved if the divisive and corrupt DPP government is removed.

He continued to say, the DPP government is endowed with vices that have destroyed our country, pointing out corruption, nepotism, fragrant tribalism, executive arrogance, and incompetence.