Chakwera Chilima and Tonse Alliance Represent Hope for Malawi

By Allan Mandindi

This morning a mammoth crowd descended to Mount Soche Conference center to witness the presidential nomination presentation. There was jubilation when Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, President of Malawi Congress Party was officially unveiled by Malawi Electoral Commission as the presidential candidate for the 2020 fresh elections, representing the alliance, a group of 9 parties led by MCP/UTM under the banner Tonse Alliance. Dr. Saulos Chilima was named running mate. The ceremony was witnessed by the alliance partners including the former President Dr. Joyce Banda and party officials in readiness for the 2nd July fresh elections.

When Dr. Chakwera was called by MEC Chief Executive Officer to deliver a speech, he made it known to all that were in attendance that he wanted Dr. Chilima to come and stand with him while he gives the speech. This demonstrated the start of new things, in terms of the relationship between President and Vice President as it showed that saving Malawi is not only a one-man battle but rather one that requires all of us to stand together.

Tonse Alliance Ticket; Chakwera and Chilima

Speaking to the audience, Dr. Chakwera said “we stand here before you because we have a date with destiny. Many forces have tried to prevent the election. For 26 years Malawi has been plundered, but God has given us this fresh election to change our destiny”.

He also pointed out how the past administrations have underutilized and abused the office of the vice president.

He said Dr. Chilima and him are not there just as President and his running mate, but as partners in bringing the more desirable change in Malawi.

Dr. Chakwera is leading an alliance of 9 political parties, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), United Transformational Movement (UTM), People’s Party (PP), Freedom Party (FP), Malawi Forum for Unity and Development (Mafunde), People’s Progressive Movement (PPM), Umodzi Party(UP), Alliance for Democracy (Aford) and People’s Transformation (Petra). All these parties have come together with the aim of building a new Malawi.

What we saw today demonstrate change, this is the first time we have seen politicians putting personal interest aside and unite to save Malawi. Alot of people in the country are saying change is imminent, and they want it now, most people are not happy with the current government. These frustrations can be seen everywhere you go.

The past five years have been the worst time we have gone through as a nation. The Democratic Progressive Party DPP has failed terribly to demonstrate to Malawians that they are capable of transforming people’s lives. They have presided over a disastrous government known for its careless handling of government resources – deeply embedded in hatred, nepotism, cronyism, regionalism, and rampant corruption.

These fresh elections give Malawians the last breath of hope and an opportunity to fix this broken nation. Malawi is a country that has what it takes to be a thriving economy in Africa, but because of bad leadership, we have been made into laughing stock in Africa. Some countries in Africa that have been at war has even overtaken us.

Based on other economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which shows how a country is doing in terms of its ability to uplift its people from poverty – it shows that for Malawi, there has been no growth since 2015. GDP has remained stagnant at $1,200, meaning it is only a few handful individuals that are doing well in the country while the rest are in poverty. A high level of unemployment has also left many young Malawians to leave the country to other countries like South Africa and other parts of the world.

Why this Alliance Represent Hope


The main reason why Malawi is facing all these challenges today has been due to leadership, the current Munthalika administration has failed miserably to unite Malawi. Moreover, failed to demonstrate that despite coming from different parts of the country we are one people. This has left the country more divided on tribal lines than ever. This alliance brings hope as both Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima have shown to Malawians that the only way we can make progress is by working together. The alliance has brought together many parties with one aim, building a new Malawi for all. The leaders representing the alliance are all visionary and would like to see a change in Malawi.

One Vision

All the leaders involved in this alliance are united towards one vision, which is to develop and transform Malawi, unlike the DPP, whose intentions seem to plunder Malawi’s resources and enrich themselves. We have wasted five years with DPP without any meaningful development. I think the time for the experiment is over. This is the time to build Malawi and reclaim all that was lost. The alliance has experienced people who have been in government before and can bring the needed skills and experience to make this government successful.

Leaders Willingness to Fix Malawi Problems

Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is one of the most experienced political leader in Malawi who has spent more time scrutinizing the government on the way it handles its business. He has been consistent in his approach as a politician and been preaching unity, uniting Malawi, and Ending Corruption. These are the main problems we are facing right now. He and others in this alliance understand how the executive operates well and knows the areas that need immediate attention once they get into the office. On the other hand, Dr. Chilima has been in the executive as Vice President he too knows the areas that are failing and need fixing. The combination of the two, plus alliance partners gives this government the hope of transforming Malawi.

What is left now is for us Malawians to make a choice on what kind of Malawi we want, do we want back the government of corruption, nepotism, and regionalism or the MCP/UTM led alliance which represents real hope. Our leaders have done their part, now what is left is for us to do the right thing.