International relations activist Mandindi hails President Chakwera Foreign policy pillars

A UK based Political Scientist and international relations expert Allan Mandindi has rated the president’s speech as very important  as it sets the tone for Malawi’s  future international relations. In his weekly radio address, President Dr Lazarus Chakwera  focused on Malawi’s international relations where he  said to nurture peaceful co-existence with other nations the country’s foreign policy ought to be anchored on three strong pillars. 

In his speech President chakwera  said he will do everything possible to make the country live to its billing as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ which he described as an attribute to the country’s peaceable and friendly disposition. He also said  he will work towards cooperating with other countries so that Malawis development to be exponential, not incremental.

Making his commentary on what the president said Mandindi said “I applaud President Lazarus Chakwera for setting the right tone and giving a clear picture on Malawi’s Foreign policy. International relations plays a vital role in promoting economical, Geopolitical and developmental foundation of any nation, and seeing the president setting fundamental pillars of safeguarding Malawi’s national and developmental interests in the areas of Security, Intelligence, Economics, and Geopolitics. I see this as a great step towards making Malawi an effective and important actor in the international system and also gear us up for regional leadership of SADC in 2021”.

International Relations expert Allan Mandindi

In his speech, President Chakwera announced that a list of the country’s global friends is growing,a thing which Mandindi acknowledged that suggest  foreign governments have positive feeling about Malawi and its new  leadership.  Mandindi seconded the President on the need of working together  with other nations to foster  development  of not only Malawi but Africa as a whole.

“Indeed our country can accomplish more by working together with other nations than on our own and we can benefit alot through cooperation with other nations in areas of technology, global security and even common approach towards global threats like pandemics and international terrorism, not forgetting war on cyber security”added Mandindi.

President Chakwera is due to go on his first foreign visit as President on Tuesday as he visits President Edgar Lungu  of Zambia.