Chakwera outlines pillars of Malawi foreign Policy

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says to nurture peaceful co-existence with other nations the country’s foreign policy ought to be anchored on three strong pillars. The President was speaking at Kamuzu Palace in the Capital City, Lilongwe, through the ninth weekly radio address.

The Malawi leader said he will do everything possible to make the country live to its billing as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ which he described as an attribute to the country’s peaceable and friendly disposition. “Both as a person and as President, I see the world as a global family of equal members with a common origin and distinct histories and cultures that make everyone’s place and participation in global affairs indispensable.

 “Therefore, my intent is to maintain contact and dialogue with any nation that welcomes diplomacy as catalyst for peace,” said Chakwera.

The President said the synergistic effect that comes by cooperating with other countries will be advanced.

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera

He said: “The second pillar of our foreign policy is safeguarding Malawi’s national and developmental interests in the areas of security, economics, and geopolitics. I believe we will accomplish more for our nation by working together with other nations than on our own. 

“This is not because we lack capacity, but because we want our nation’s development to be exponential, not incremental.”

As an indication that Government has taken a right direction in clearing the ‘rubble’ in governance systems, the President  said a list of the country’s global friends is growing.

The Malawi leader said his Administration will use military innovation and intelligence to ensure no inch of the sovereign territory of the country is encroached.

For this reason Chakwera will engage with heads of neighbouring countries to ensure there’s a win-win outcome.

“Considering that all three of our neighboring countries are several times larger than us and that our peoples share a common cultural heritage, I look forward to engaging my counterparts in Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique in finding win-win methods of keeping our shared borders secure,” said the President. 

In the weekly radio broadcast Chakwera also made mentioned  that all is set to make his  inaugural United Nationd General Assembly (UNGA) address.

Contrary to the tradition that all heads of state have to gather in New York City this summer for UNGA meetings, this  time around due to prevalence of COVID-19, the Malawi leader also in capacity as Chairperson for 47 Least Developed Countries (LDCs) will join the meeting virtually and champion the agenda of the country and the LDCs.