Jumah bemoans Malawi slow progress since attaining independence 60 years ago

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says Malawi has wasted 60 years and has not arrived at its destination assuring citizens that the Revolutionary voice will take them to reach the destination.

Jumah has observed that President Chakwera hated corruption in the DPP led government but food and commodity prices were reasonable for the poor Malawians to afford and inflation was at one digit making the country to be one of the shining examples in its economy.


He said President Chakwera is openly defending corruption while essential services such as passports, driving licenses, National Identity Cards are not available and some Malawians are angry eating poisonous roots as food for their survivals.

Speaking through his face book page followed by millions of people in Malawi and Africa, Jumah said a country that can not provide passports, IDs, driving licenses to its citizens in need is a failed state claiming that President Chakwera has engineered a failed a failed state and Dr. Chilima is watching Chakwera driving a failed state.

Jumah said President Chakwera has been attributing challenges the country is facing to Covid-19 pandemic, Tropical Cyclones, Russia-Ukraine war, Cholera outbreak as excuses for a failed government to provide essential services.

He said President Chakwera is failing to admit failure as the writings are on the wall that even mourners at funeral services are booing him when one of his hand clappers or Ministers stood up to convince the mourners that Chakwera will rule to 2030.

The MRP President said it is sad that the man of white color is presiding a failed state saying this has angered God and no wonder, Malawi is going through plaques after plaques, disasters after disasters claiming that this is a sign that Chakwera has offended God above.

He said President Chakwera must ask himself why the same people that were with him during the 2019 electoral justice in court demonstrations, the same people that voted massively for him to be the 6th President of Malawi, have turned against him?

“It is this table that removed Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his DPP out of government in June, 2020 and the same table will remove President Chakwera and his MCP led Tonse Alliance out of government mark my words,” said Jumah.

He has assured President Chakwera that he will be disappointed when elections come to him that he will lose miserably for not listening the truth from Malawians only hearing of lies from his Ministers and advisors.

Jumah said if President Chakwera was a true man of God, he could listen to various constructive advices from Catholic Bishops, activists and patriotic Malawians advising him that he cannot be telling people to be patient, when they are hungry and eating poisonous roots as food for their survival.