Kamphangala describes Kalindos treatment as very unfair

By Vincent Gunde

A Malawi Congress Party (MCP) diehard from Mvera area in Dowa Rodgers Kamphangala, has described the treatment given to activist Bon Elias Kalinfdo as very unfair and not in line with the democratic principles.

Kamphangala said 0n 30th August, 2023 Kalindo was abducted by police officers beside President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera ordered for his release from the hands of Police, something showing that in MCP there are powerful people who are overturning Chakwera’s decisions.

He said on 7th September, 2023 Malawi Police Service (MPS) officers were seen firing teargas at the activists and demonstrators siding with MCPs militias and gangsters who broke the Lilongwe Bridge despite of the court clearing the demonstrations.


The MCP diehard said on Friday, 15th September, 2023 that Kalindo was arrested at the Lilongwe High Court not as a human but as an animal and was whisked away to Mtakataka Police Station in Dedza away from the reach of family members and relatives to provide him with food and other necessities.

He said on 30th August, 2023 Kalindo travelled all the way from Lilongwe to Dwangwa in Nkhotakota describing this as a development which is worrisome and has painted a bad picture at the MCP as the party of death.

Kamphangala said in what many Malawians thought that Kalindo will be released on Monday 18th September, 2023 after spending three nights in police custody, Senior Resident Magistrate Wanangwa Nyirenda has added another night to Kalindo to make it four to the dismay of his lawyer Stanley Chirwa.

He has reminded the MCP-led government and President Chakwera that the yardstick which they are using to measure Kalindo will bounce back saying Kalindo will be on top of them and will revenge joined by Malawians that are rallying behind him as President of the poor people in Malawi.

The MCP diehard has since warned President Chakwera that if they lose the 2025 elections, Malawians will arrest by themselves corrupt individuals of the MCP and have been enjoying immunity as that of President Chakwera.

Kamphangala said Kalindos arrest is politically motivated to silence him from organizing demonstrations against President Chakwera and the MCP having forgotten that without Kalindo sacrificing his life, Chakwera and Chilima would not have chance to enter into government.

“President Chakwera and his Vice, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima are on these positions because of Bon Kalindo and had it been that there was no Kalindo, MCP would have by now been in the opposition benches in Parliament,” he said.

He has also accused fellow Chewas in Lilongwe for taking Lilongwe as a district of the Chewas and declaring it a no -go zone district to the activists and demonstrators, expressing fears that Malawi is not for the Chewas alone but for all.

Kamphangala has since advised President Chakwera to address the nation on Kalindos arrests and subsequent charges levelled against him for Malawians to restore their lost trust that they have a President who listens to the cries of the citizens.