Kokoliliko Wave conquers Lilongwe as thousands throng to hear the MCP trio

By Chalo Mvula

What started a few weeks ago as mere public lectures has now grown into a big wave that is shaking every area it heads to. The MCP trio of Daud Suleman, Lackson Chimangeni and Tony Bendulo famously calling themselves Kokoliliko movement were on in Lilongwe this saturday where they made a few stops before thousands of people gathered at their rally in Mgona .

Suleman , Lackson and Bendulo who were thrown into the political scene by their appearance at key witnesses for MCP in the just ended electoral court case, have proved that not only do they have the energy and intelligence , but they have also grown to be a darling of the people and more and more people are interested to hear what the trio says.

Kokoliliko at Mgona in Lilongwe

The saturday event saw the kokoliko movement visit a number of areas in the district. They had a stop at Area 25 Sungwi area, Kauma, Senti before conducting a final rally at Mgona. As has been the case with most of their trips, the movement also took time to visit and donate items to Area 49 Tilinanu Orphanage. It has been the norm for the group, not to forget the needy but highlight the need for people to give the little that they can to those that are not previleged.

Charity works at Tilinanu Orphanage

The climax of the day was the thousands of people that gathered at Mgona. There was great excitement when the locals saw the MCP trio and were eager to listen to what the movement had brought to share with them . Speaking to the gathering , Daud Suleman reminded the people that in the forth coming election there is no any other choice but to vote for Dr Lazarus Chakwera ” We have come here to make sure that we encourage you to vote for Dr Lazarus Chakwera ” . He went further to articulate some of the policies from the MCP manifesto including the promise for more job creation under Chakwera. “Dr Chakwera is the only leader with policies that will develop Malawi. The youths need jobs and Chakwera government will create opportunities for jobs, will create opportunities for people to start businesses” highlighted Suleman.

One of the people who attended Mgona rally Jackson Mbewe , a local businessman in the area told this reporter that the Kokoliko rally had given him so much hope for his personal life as well as his business ” After listening to what these guys came to tell us today, i have made up my mind and will vote for Chakwera as only he, seems to be the candidate who will take Malawi forward. There is nothing new DPP can offer us now ” said Mbewe.

To sum up the successful trip Lackson Chimangeni told the masses that the Kokoliliko movement has just began and will go to each and every part of the country to meet voters and encourage them to go and vote for Chakwera in the forthcoming elections. The trio are due to visit Mponela