Liabunya threatens to drag owner of Mikozi network to court over defamation

By Chisomo Phiri

In his soar reaction to Mikozi Network’s Facebook post, the self-acclaimed man of God Prophet Liabunya of the Believers Gospel Embassy International has threatened to drag the owner of the company to court over defaming him.

Making the warning on his official facebook page, Liabunya says ” Mikozi, you have to apologise to the prophet for defamation of character or your company will run bankrupt, shutdown and you will be jobless. We will take you to court for defamation character,” warns Liabunya.

Liabunya at the mountains praying

Liabunya adds that Mikozi should refrain from trending at the expense of other people’s names.
” You do not trend at the expense of othe people’s names. That is not good. The prophet is at the mountain and you are busy tarnishing his amage. Is there anything wrong he did to you?”, Asks Liabunya.

Liabunya extends his warning saying, he has power to shut down all media houses next year for defamation writings about his character.
Recently, Mikozi wrote on their official facebook page named Mikozi Network that God has used Liabunya to bring rains following his prayers and fasting at the mountain hence, need to thank him.

The post reads” Prophet Liabunya says Malawians should thank God for using him to bring rain. The so called prophet says is the one who has been praying and fasting so it should finally rain in Malawi”.
The owner of Mikozi Network is yet to comment on the accusation.