M.P Ken Zikhale cheers hospital patients on new year’s day

By Chalo Mvula

The Member of Parliament for Nkhatabay South who is also the Strategic Director for Malawi Congress Party Dr Ken Zikhale Ngoma on new year day took time to cheer the patients at a number of health centres in Nkhatabay Constituency

Dressed in his party colours, Zikhale arrived at the health centres and spoke to a number of staff and patients while handing over new year days gifts to the patients.

Zikhale first visited Kande Health Centre , where he welcomed four new born babies . He then proceeded to Kachere Health Centre where two baby girls were born on the day. His visit took him to Liuzi Health Centre where again he mingled with patients and had meaningful discussions with members of staff.

Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma visiting Patients at a health centre in his area

In a statement made available to 247Media Dr Ken zikhale Ng’oma said he took time to visit the hospital as it was a gesture of goodwill ” Its new years day and these people are in hospital far from their families,it is always good to come and cheer them up . It is even wondeful to come here and see all these newly born babies” said Zikhale. He also highlighted that as a Member of Parliament for the area, it is his duty to meet his constituents and hear and see the problems they are facing on a day to day basis.

One of the women whose child was born on new years day and received a present from Zikhale spoke highly of the member of parliament ” I want to thank Dr Zikhale , he is a very caring M.P and its wonderful to see him come and visit us on new year’s day”