MACRA Revokes Rainbow TV Licence

By Staff Reporter

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority ( MACRA ) has revoked the Television Content Licence content for Rainbow Television for failure to pay licence fees set under the licence.

According to MACRA,the revocation is effective 30 days from 9 June,2022, the day the licence got revoked.

Meanwhile, the Authority has advised all the licensees in the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Postal sectors to always pay their annual licence fees as failure to do so is a serous breach of their licensees which result in licence revocation.

The move has met with some reaction from a cross section of Malawians. Social commentator and Journalist Kondwani Bell Munthali took to his social media to voice his concerns . He said “MACRA is always a threat to freedom of speech. With this economy can’t they make arrangements to have them pay the arrears.
No matter how you explain it, MACRA rushes to close or threat to close Malawian companies. Airtel and others breach they don’t close them they fine them….”

Munthali thinks the threat to close Rainbow is because it had been biting the Government.