Makanjira people deserve a better road

President Lazarus Chakwera leaves the country today for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the Saudi-Africa Summit. First and foremost, bon voyage Mr President.

Certain politically biased individuals have already begun to question the significance of his participation in the summit, contending that the funds expended on this trip could be more effectively directed towards domestic priorities.
However, it is crucial to recognise that Chakwera’s visit to Saudi Arabia is not solely for the summit. The President has a broader agenda in mind.

The summit presents an opportunity for him to engage with influential leaders from both the African continent and the Saudi Government. These bilateral meetings with key figures like His Excellency Sultan Al Marshad, the Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Fund for Development and His Excellency Yasir Bin Othman Al Rumayyan, Chairman of the Saudi Arabia Oil Group (Aramanco), hold the potential to secure significant financing for major infrastructural development projects in Malawi.
President Chakwera’s focus on attracting Arab development partners and investors underscores his commitment to advancing the national development agenda. This initiative aims to address the country’s pressing infrastructure needs and stimulate economic growth.

It is a strategic move that goes beyond the summit’s immediate objectives, emphasising the importance of securing financing and investments from international partners.
Some critics may view this trip negatively and use it as an opportunity to criticise President Chakwera. However, it is important to recognise that the President’s efforts are aligned with the long-term interests of the country and its citizens. The potential financing for projects like the Mangochi/Makanjira Road can have a transformative impact on the lives of Malawians especially those in Mangochi district.

For the people of Mangochi, particularly those from Makanjira, the promise made by President Chakwera to secure funding for the construction of the Mangochi/Makanjira Road is a source of hope and excitement.
This road, often considered crucial for their development, will facilitate the transportation of their produce and merchandise to markets, unlocking economic opportunities and improving their quality of life.

Mangochi is renowned for its fish business, and the current condition of the road has undoubtedly posed challenges for those involved in this trade, making it difficult to transport their fish to major markets like Lilongwe and Blantyre while keeping it fresh. The construction of this road will be a welcome development for them, as it will streamline their transportation and enable them to expand their businesses.
President Chakwera’s unwavering commitment to fulfill his promise of constructing the Mangochi/Makanjira Road underscores his dedication to the Chakwera Super Hi5 pillars, especially the goal of fostering shared prosperity.

In conclusion, President Chakwera’s visit to Saudi Arabia should not be underestimated as a mere diplomatic event. It presents a strategic opportunity to secure crucial financing for infrastructure development projects that can benefit the nation as a whole.
The potential funding for the Mangochi/Makanjira Road, in particular, showcases Chakwera’s determination to deliver on his promises and enhance the quality of life for the citizens.

Malawians who hold their country dear and aspire to witness comprehensive development across every corner of the nation will view this trip as a positive step and consider the long-term benefits that can arise from such diplomatic efforts.

On this trip, Chakwera should be commended for his dedicated efforts in securing financing for the project, as the people of Makanjira deserve a better road.