Malawian Gospel Artist to Launch New Album in South Africa

By Grecium Gama

Malawian gospel artist Mark George, who is based in South Africa, will launch his new album, “Alipano Baba,”*on May 5 at the Living Waters Church in Johannesburg’s Central Business District.

In a recent phone interview, George said that the album contains 10 tracks, all of which he composed and arranged himself.

The recording took place at Slate Records, owned by Alex Cholamula.

“All the songs on the album were written and arranged by me, and I’m excited to share them with the world,” George said.

Dan Mpinga, one of the artists supporting the launch,said that preparations are in full swing.

He encouraged people to attend the event, promising a mix of great music and spiritual blessings.

“George is both a good friend and a spiritual mentor, so I can’t wait to assist him on May 5,” Mpinga said.

The album includes songs such as “Yesu Amakonda,” “Landira Mayakho Ako,” “Ndinu Nokha Yesu,” “Tidzaimba Hosanna,” “Msandisiye Ndekha Hallelujah,” “Kudziwike,” “Alipano Baba,” “Ndampeza Mamuna Weniweni,” and “Moyo Wanga Ulemekeza Inu.”

Mark George