MCP Diaspora Wing gives a lending hand to Kokoliliko on fight against Covid 19

The Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Wing has given a helping hand to a sister group in the party Kokoliliko as  they go front line sensitising people on the dangers of the new pandemic Covid 19. Kokoliliko relies on the donations from well-wishers to fulfil their objectives. To make sure that a lot of Malawians are aware of the dangers of the disease and to learn preventative measures, Kokoliliko group has embarked on a nationwide tour to sensitize Malawians about the pandemic.

After Malawi announced measures that government will take to fight the illness,  Kokolikiko group , which has been travelling  in different parts of the countries campaigning for Dr Lazarus Chakwera  quickly decided to channel their energies into sensitizing people about the illness . They are going constituency by constituency distributing soaps that people in the rural areas can use to wash their hands. They are also taking time to teach the locals on hygiene practices that will help them stop the spread of the virus. The group is distributing 600 tablets of soap per constituency to help the locals adhere to the call to wash their hands with soap regularly.

MCP Diaspora Wing Malawi rep: Dyson Chikolera

This weekend, MCP Diaspora Wing decided to give the group a donation of MK100,000.00  for the group to buy soap for distribution. Kokolilko was on Saturday visiting Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s constituency  at Malembo . MCP Diaspora Wing Malawi Representative Dyson Chikolera  made the donation on behalf of the diaspora. One of the directors for Kokoliliko Daud Suleman  gave a vote of thanks to  the Diaspora Wing “We are thankful to the diaspora  for the timely  donation . This will go a long way in assisting us  to help more  people become aware of coronavirus. We will reach more people with soaps  with the donation “ said Suleman.

Dyson Chikolera assured the Kokoliliko  that the diaspora will be willing to engage more  in the initiatives of the group. Kokoliliko is a group that was formed as the aftermath of the election court case. MCP key witnesses in the case Daud Suleman, Tony Bendulo and Peter Lackson decided to start making lecture tours to get people to understand more about what happened during the case and to get the youths ready to be election monitors in the forthcoming elections. The popularity of the trio has seen thousands of people throng to their tours where amidst the lectures, the trio encourages people to vote for MCP leader Dr Lazarus Chakwera

Apart from the soap distribution exercise, they have launched an initiative where they are calling doctors, health practitioners or nursing and medical students from KCN, college medicine and health sciences  to what they call a “national service” to get Malawi ready for the outbreak.   So far Malawi has not registered any Covid 19 case

Kokoliliko distributing soaps at Malembo