MCP rubbishes DPP accusation of being ‘masterminders of violence’

The Malawi government through its spokesmen today released a statetement in which they are accusing the Malawi Congress Party of being at the centre of organising political violence in the country. The tipping point of all this has been the death of a police officer who was stoned to death at Msundwe in Lilongwe. In a statement made available to 247Malawi, publicity secretary of MCP Reverend Maurice Munthali has been quick to rubbish those claims accusing DPP of wanting to score a political point “What is coming from DPP mouths is laughable, unfortunate and shameful. In actual fact they are only showcasing their lack of remorse and self assessment.
Reverend Munthali
The allegations they are levelling against MCP, UTM and HRDC are a clear sign that all they want is to bury their own brutality & lawlessness.Who does not know in this country that markets, factories, warehouses and many personal properties have been torched at the hands of DPP and their agents. Who doesn’t know in this country that innocent people have been brutally killed including Robert Chasowa, Njauju, albinos and many others under the vampiric eye of DPP? If they think that they can hide all the atrocities and acts of terror that are synonymous with their DPP, let them cheat themselves because Malawians know who the real culprit is. Soon they will all pay for their deeds.We know how they have tried to infiltrate the Malawi Police Service with cadets and we also know that they will always want to incite unnecessary violence by provoking peaceful unarmed demonstrators whose mandate to demonstrate is derived from the Republican constitution.Ours is a stern warning to the DPP and their agents. Let them advise their leader not to unleash civil unrest in this country with his divisive statements and let them not think that Malawi will continue watching our nation being thrown to the dogs.Malawi Congress Party under Dr Lazarus Chakwera will always preach peace as powered by #SUPER_Hi5 agenda” read the statement from Munthali Political tensiom has risen in Malawi as the constitutional court is about to conclude hearing in the ongoing election case where the opposition parties are accusing the incumbent Peter Mutharika and DPP of rigging the elections.