MCP Strategic Director Zikhale engages ‘Tambala Graduates’ for a get together

He is one of Malawi’s top political strategists, a member of parliament for Nkhata Bay south  and the Director of strategy in the Malawi Congress Party. On Saturday, Dr Ken ZIkhale Ng’oma took time from his busy schedule to join in on a get together meeting organised by a group called “Mighty Tambala Graduates”.

The event which took place at MCP headquarters  in City centre Lilongwe, mobilised MCP party members who belong to the “Mighty Tambala Graduates”,a group of members who have tertiary education qualifications and that aims to help in policy formulation of the party.  Opening the event , the interim leader of the group Edward Chileka Banda , thanked all those who attended the get together and for their tireless effort towards helping in the activities of the Malawi Congress Party.

The guest of honour Ken Zikhale Ng’oma told the graduates that he felt honoured to be among such a group “ Let me thank the party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera  for entrusting me to stand and speak on his behalf before you learned men and women. Let me also thank Him for accommodating such a group of learned gurus to help change  the image of the party and bring relevant values that meet the dynamic environment we are experiencing” said Zikhale

Mighty Tambala Graduates get together

Zikhale said the party is looking forward to the constitutional court ruling on the election case which will be delivered soon. However he took this opportunity to urge the Tambala graduates  to unite and work as a team, describing their role and presence as crucial as a strategic arm of the party. “ We have to create an atmosphere of learning from each other and also work on creating models that will deliver an improved image of our party” added Zikhale

Zikhale went on to say he believed the just like him , the Tambala graduates will not get tired  until they deliver to Malawi a leader who is visionary , transformative, who respects the rule of law, a servant leader and true democrat in the name Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

Tambala Graduates group photo at MCP Hqrs in Lilongwe